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by Mark Hunsmann in March 2021

Time to take inventory of what we need to recover post-crisis

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Months of lockdown have taken a heavy toll on all of us and while the fragile hope of careful reopening might infuse just enough energy to keep us going, it would be a good time to take inventory of what we have been deprived of during those difficult months.

While over-the-counter-retailers who had missed to establish a robust e-commerce presence previous to the sudden emergence of the pandemic or didn’t even do so after the first wave (like KaDeWe boldly & quickly did 👏🏼), clearly took the biggest hit. In fact, every retailer with a significant brick-and-mortar business experienced serious trouble (and is still in the thick of it), yet omnichannel players with online shops were able to compensate some of their losses through the increase with the digital channel. In contrast, most e-commerce pure players were straight beneficiaries of the crisis.

"Taking inventory of the losses experienced on the consumer side, the first thing that comes to mind is the social interactions or our ‘need for affiliation (community) outside of one’s domestic bubble’."

According to the postdoctoral fellow W. Craig Williams at the Center for Applied Research in Decision Making @ Temple University, connecting with others normally helps individuals to regulate their emotions, cope with stress and remain resilient.

After all, going shopping isn’t just a procurement activity, it might as well be primarily driven by the human need of getting ‘into the marketplace’. The ancient Greek marketplace, the ‘agora’ beautifully describes the concept as it literally means ‘gathering place’ or ‘assembly’. The agora was the center of the athletic, artistic, business, social, spiritual, and political life in the city (Wikipedia).

Digital shopping assistant advice

Besides the essential human need for affiliation (N-Affil) consumers’ shift to online shopping has almost entirely deprived them of professional advice in the process of acquiring clothes during the pandemic. There currently isn’t much support available in the e-commerce space that would remotely stand-in for the in-store sales clerk to give real-time feedback or to guide the consumer towards items that are most suitable for them.

"Though Styleriser’s Virtual Shopping Assistant AI might not fully satisfy our basic need for community, it absolutely substitutes and in fact, exceeds the professional advice that an experienced sales assistant in the store can provide."

After all the virtual assistant analyzes the shopper’s facial complexion determines the particular individual’s set of best colors and finds the best matches from the assortment in a few seconds.

And in case this wouldn’t satisfy a user’s desire for assistance, Styleriser is putting in place a system to reach out to one of their associated style consultants* via Zoom-link or even in-person consultation.

Schedule video call to see the live demo.

Mark Hunsmann
Co-founder Styleriser Inc.

*Styleriser is associated with one of Europe’s leading academies and alumni networks of color, style, and image consultants with members in GER, NL, CH, TR, and worldwide video consulting capacity

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