Consumer-centric innovation

Based on the belief that every person is unique, the Styleriser team is passionate about encouraging individuals to discover and express their personal styles.

As shopping happens more and more digitally, personalization matters! Coming from an image consulting background we realised that Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on historic behaviour is still falling short of the rich in-store shopping experience.

To overcome this gap, Styleriser has developed tools infusing the element of advice or decision-making confidence into the process on online apparel shopping.


Years of experience

Styleriser founders have helped customers for over a decade to find out their best styles and clothing colors



Have benefitted from the underlying time-proven system to determine best clothing colors and styles


Years of experience

Over 20 years’ experience in database design, application integration and enterprise data management

About Styleriser's founders

Styleriser founders: Mark Hunsmann, Margrit Hunsmann, Glen Brown

Styleriser’s founders Margrit and Mark Hunsmann accumulated a deep understanding of consumer’s needs during a decade of running an image consulting academy and alumni network.

Paired with Glen Brown's extensive experience in data science and application development the three founders are overseeing the migration of the time-proven knowledge of the image consulting industry into artificial intelligence and making it useful in the context of apparel e-commerce.

Styleriser solution suggestions facial analysis

Creating a different shopping experience

We developed a digital shopping assistant using facial analysis (AI) to generate highly relevant product suggestions for apparel e-commerce.