Styleriser solution suggestions facial analysis

AI-generated suggestions driven by user face shape and toning

StyleIQ analysis creates a unique shopping experience by highlighting items that match the shoppers' style.

How StyleIQ works

Styleriser api 1 capture

1 — Capture Your Image

Shoppers either take a selfie or upload an existing photo

Styleriser api 2 analyze

2 — Analyze

Specific facial features are analyzed in realtime

Styleriser api 3 match

3 — Match

Assortment is filtered for the particular user's best matching styles and colors

Styleriser api 4 suggest

4 — Suggest

Most suitable items are presented to the user's screen

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Try the demo

Upload an image or take one with your cam. Make sure to have a white background, some good, natural lightning & to center your face.

  • We value your privacy
  • We’ll delete your photo after 30 days
  • We keep our data to ourselves!

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