Styleriser solution suggestions facial analysis

Individual e-commerce suggestions using realtime facial analysis

StyleIQ analysis creates a unique shopping experience by highlighting items that match the shoppers colors.

How StyleIQ works

Styleriser api 1 capture

1 — Capture Your Image

Shoppers either take a selfie or upload an existing photo

Styleriser api 2 analyze

2 — Analyze

Specific facial features are analyzed in realtime

Styleriser api 3 match

3 — Match

Assortment is filtered for the particular user's best matching clothing colors

Styleriser api 4 suggest

4 — Suggest

Most suitable items are presented to the user's screen

Test demo amanda vick unsplash

Try the demo

Upload an image or take one with your cam. Make sure to have a white background, some good, natural lightning & to center your face.

  • We value your privacy
  • We’ll delete your photo after 30 days
  • We keep our data to ourselfs!

Frequently asked questions