Offer a unique shopping-experience to your users with appearance-driven product discovery.

Drive users to your shop by providing an experience they can’t get anywhere else. We’re been ‘showing our face’ in a brick and mortar environment forever, time to introduce face-driven product exploration to e-commerce.

A “good” user experience is one, where the customer gets their job done, in the most easy and enjoyable way. It addresses the feelings of a user: convenience, ease, satisfaction, etc. Satisfied and happy customers are more likely to return and make high-value purchases and also willing to recommend your store.

Common UX problems in e-commerce

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High bounce rate

Users visiting your website and leaving again after a few seconds. This is especially harmful for your search-engine rankings.

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Low conversions

Webshop-users don’t find what they’re looking for, being overwhelmed by the big assortment — the “burden of choice”.

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Abandoned cart

Users don’t complete their purchase. Reasons range from second thoughts to high shipping costs. About 75% of all carts are abandoned.

Stylerisers technology helps narrowing the selection for a user, with items that are extremely relevant to them. Color-suggestions based on a selfie aren’t just an educated guess, rather a scientific result of best-matching colors from an automated color-consultancy. Users are getting confident to continue with their decision, resulting in better conversion-rates and lower abandoned carts.

Styleriser unique user experience with color advice kelly sikkema unsplash
Using known UX patterns is fine, having unique functionality is the key.

Be outstanding amongst the rest

Same, same — who’s different? The amount of online-shop is quickly increasing. Well-emerged online-habits lead to common web-design-patterns. While this is basically a good thing, chances are, that users can’t see what differs your online-shop from your competitors. Then the only decisive argument left will be the price.

By offering a total new way to search and filter products, your fashion web-store gains a big advantage over your competitors. Users experience more fun and ease with a narrowed selection, tailored to them by best-suiting colors. In doing so, they receive a usually costly style & color consultation for free — giving them confidence in their buying decisions.

An intimate bond

The pieces they’ve purchased based on the recommendations via the Styleriser API might become your customers most loved ones. As other people might notice the color-match, they may receive compliments. The probability of recommending your web-shop with the outstanding feature drastically increases.

As the buyer’s journey basically never ends, you can offer your users new way’s to engage in your brand. For instance: emailing them new arrivals from the upcoming collection in their best-suiting colors. In contrary to the regular newsletter-flood, this can be perceived as a service.

Styleriser solution suggestions facial analysis

Creating a different shopping experience

We developed a digital shopping assistant using facial analysis (AI) to generate highly relevant product suggestions for apparel e-commerce.